Polaris new Side by Side????
Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 @ 09:58:40 EST
Topic: Industry NEWS

Spy photo of the new polaris rzr800
It has been rumored for months, but now it looks like the real deal. As soon as more information on the Evil Twin is available, we will put it here. First impressions are that it will put the Rhino to shame. We will have to see about that. It is powered by an 800cc EFI twin cylinder engine. That is going to be nice. It does look shorter than the Yamaha Rhino. Not much room for people to turn it into a four seat UTV. It appears that the seats are lower to the ground that the Rhino, so that should help the center of gravity a bit. And it looks like Polaris did their homework and learned from Yamaha's mistake. They includes nets so your legs won't come out during a roll-over.
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